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Word on the Street...
Suspended by the winch? Indeed so.
Two Guys Trail Gear has heard lots from our customers about how happy they are to have found our bright and shiny LED lights which in turn makes us happy, bright and shiny, too!

We thought we'd share a few of their comments with you, just in case you were still on the fence (or winch) about whether or not to buy our lights.

(Don't let this sway you one way or the other, but we've overheard that our LED's can be seen from the surface of the sun. Sadly, we have no way to confirm that.)

If you have questions or need clearer details, by all means, give us a call. We're here and very ready to help!

Now... read on!
Two Guys Trail Gear's been spotted in good company!
Two Guys Trail Gear supports trail access ~ anywhere and everywhere.

Colin's Maiden Voyage along the Rubicon

Our friend and off-road colleague, Colin, was spotted at Loon Lake, sporting his Generation One Two Guys' LED rock lights.

Rumor has it they came in quite handy on his maiden voyage along the Rubicon Trail.

Darren's Rig

This summer, TG2 amber turn signal LED's were spotted on our jeeping compadre Darren’s rig at Spider Lake.

(Can't figure out why you'd need turn signals anywhere near Spider Lake, but we're sure Darren had his reasons.)

Derek gets a new Ham Radio

While checking out Derek's new ham radio install, we Two Guy's noticed his brilliant use of our special edition 3x5 LED light bar, complete with custom RTF laser engraving and a magnetic roll bar mount for interior lighting.

Nice job, Derek, and congratulations on obtaining your ham operator's license!

Art's Birthday (and yes... we're remaining hush hush about his age!)

On Art's birthday, he decided to make a few small repairs to his jeep. Fortunately, these repairs started during full day light; unfortunately, these "few small repairs" stretched into full moon light!

At first, due to low light conditions, he thought it'd be too dark to finish his minor modifications. But very soon Art remembered he had Two Guy's Trail Lights!

With a simple flick of the switch, there was lots of light. Sleep? Not so much.

King of the Hammers, 2013
TG2 LED's... in a blaze of glory.
A few months ago, our previously-mentioned good friend, Art, tested TG2 LED's, Stud LED's and our 1x5's while attending the King of the Hammers 2013 free-for-all.

Although the trip was peppered with minor malfunctions, busted these and flattened those, all in all, a good time was had.

The sun shined, the dust blew, the beers drained and the rigs flew.
Really, what more could you want?

Needless to say, Art was extremely pleased with his new LED gear... and very well lit, too!
Retro skates, complete with TG2 10-watt LED's
Derek, another of our Partners-in-Climb, joined Art at the KOH event.

We're not sure if this was his first time at the outdoor extravaganza but like any true KOH speedster, he let nothing get in his way.

(And when we say nothing, we mean NOTHING! Other 4x4's, the scorching sun, the wind chill factor, gigantic boulders, sheer cliffs, spotted owls ~ nothing!)

While flying down a dirt road at breakneck speed, he was heard to shout:

"The Two Guys Trail Gear LED lights are amazingly bright. During this season's KOH event, we made a few night runs that would not have been possible without the good, clear light that these fantastic and powerful LED's put out."

Hey, thanks Derek!

(Please note: The gentleman above 
is not Derek.)
Death Valley, 2013
Two Guys LED's successfully turn night into day in Death Valley, 2013!

Hawaiian (Mis)Adventures, 2012
John, our soggy partner
While on a well-deserved tropical vacation, John, our partner and the other guy of Two Guys Trail Gear, thought he might, just for the heck of it, test one of our TG2 3x5 LED Light Bars...


Although thoroughly, completely, vehemently not recommended, it seemed to work (sorta) well for a (sorta) long time. John successfully lit up a sea slug... but only for a few moments
(Much to the sea slug's delight.)

Again, although it looks like a wonderful way to illuminate 20,000 leagues under the sea, there's no product return if you decide to try it yourself. Sorry!

Glen’s Jeep Comanche Bumper
Another faithful wheeling aficianado, Glen from Praxair, picked up two TG-101 studs at the Pomona Off-Road show.

Check out Glen's awesome Jeep Comanche Bumper, all lit up!
Our phenomenal friend and fabulous fabricator, Eric from Comerson's, decided to use one of TG2's red TG-301, a 3-watt Cree surface mounted LED, to cast this evil image of Spider's logo onto, um, one fine piece of cardboard.
Hey, listen!

If you or your dusty compatriots find yourselves using Two Guys Trail Gear LED's or accessories in, shall we say, "amusing" ways, email us a quick note and photo.

You just might end up on this illustrious Testimonials page!