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LED Lights? You want LED Lights? Well, look no further. We've got the kit AND the kaboodle to light whatever you need lit.

Please note: Two Guys Trail Gear LED's ARE INTENDED FOR OFF-ROAD AND CLOSED COURSE USE ONLY. They're not intended to replace any OEM product or to be used on public roads or highways.

If you decide to ignore our warning, we'll call your mother.
Surface-Mounted LED's
TG-301  Small 3-watt LED Light with Cree { $20 }

This Mighty Mite provides lighting at 250 lumens out of one Cree LED.

It surface-mounts using 3M Mounting Tape, provided.

With its flexible mounting options and lighting capabilities, it has multiple use applications. We recommend this light be used anywhere you need a
little extra brightness: the interior of your rig, the dashboard, under the hood...

even within that confounded toolbox of yours, for cryin' out loud!

TG-101  10-watt Surface-Mounted LED Light  { $45 }

This Rock Monster rock light mounts in the rear with 5 mm screws.

Using our daylight-bright proprietary driver,  this light is one of the brightest 10-watt LED's found on the market today, supplying 800 lumens!

We recommend this light as an awesome rock light or for outstanding back-up visibility. Side rail, frame rail, front fenders... you decide. This is our go-to light when there's scary things that go bump in the night.

Stud-Mounted LED's
TG-101 STUD  Large 10-watt Stud Light   { $53 }

This Big Daddy stud rock light mounts in a 1" hole and comes with a custom-made heat sink nut and washer.

This light, using our daylight-bright proprietary driver, is one of the brightest 10-watt LED lights found on the market today, supplying 800 lumens!

We recommend this light as an awesome through-bumper light, rock light,
or for outstanding back-up visibility.

Click here for images of our TG-101 Stud Light in action!
TG-302 STUD  Small 3-watt Stud Light  { $20 }

This Little Powerhouse provides lighting at 250 lumens; it mounts within a 7/16" hole and also comes with its very own custom-made heat sink nut.

Due to its lighting capabilities and flexible mounting options, it can be used almost anywhere. This LED works remarkably well as a rock light, for bright back-up visibility or anywhere else you need ferocious light!

TG-302 RED  Small RED 3-watt Stud Light { $40 per pair }
For all of you out there with tube fenders, here's a small LED light that'll keep law enforcement happy.

This powerful little 3-watt LED stud light looks very much like the TG-302 stud light shown above... but that's where the family resemblance ends.

It works best when mounted near the rear of your rig and provides red... yes, RED... high light (220 lumens) or low light (150 lumens). It's the three-wire marker LED you've been wanting all your four-wheelin'  life!

This light mounts through bumper or fender within a 7/16" hole.
Comes complete with a heat sink nut.
Click here for live-action images of our TG-302 Red and TG-302 Amber LED's.
TG-302 AMB  Small AMBER 3-watt Stud Light { $40 per pair }
This amazing 3-watt stud light, another three-wire marker/turn signal LED, behaves just like its small red 3-watt stud light cousin mentioned above but
can also be used as a turn signal, too.

It shines amber light at both high and low lumens (220 and 150 respectively), and easily mounts through your bumper or fender within a 7/16" hole.

Again, this light ships with its own heat sink nut.
Another chance to see those amazing little red and amber LED's!

LED Light Bars
TG-105  1x5 LED Light Bar { $25 }

This Sweet Baby is made up of five, 1-watt LED lights and provides lighting at 400 lumens.

Its lighting capabilities and its flexible mounting options provide for a variety of use applications. We recommend this light as a rock light, interior light, for under the hood or for phenomenal back-up lighting.

TG-305  3x4 LED Light Bar  { $65 }
Back in action!
This new and improved Mean Mama is made up of four 3-watt LED lights. The light mounts from the back using two 5mm screws. We also offer additional mounting accessories, sold separately.

Again, as with all Two Guys lights, this uses our proprietary driver, providing an afternoon daylight appearance. This medium-sized light bar provides 1,000  lumens; its brighter lighting capabilities and flexible mounting options make this the ultimate rock light!

We recommend this light bar for frame rail side rock lighting, for the interior or for extremely bright back-up visibility.
Check out our highly-capable TG-305 Light Bars.
TG-412  3x4 LED Light  { $65 }
Our TG-412 is a solid little LED light bar made up of four, 3-watt lenses shining 1,000 lumens of afternoon sunlight anywhere you see fit. It's designed to mount with two zip screws or with our own mount, the TG-305/412 PCM 30, a 30-degree powder-coated steel mount, sold separately.

This light bar excels as a side rock rail light, an intense back-up light or any other whatever light you might have a need for!
TG-624 Cube  Our 24-watt Cree Cube  { $60 }
Our TG-624 is magically created by combining six, 4-watt Cree LED's within a compact 4" by 4" cube that emits 1,600 lumens of eye-blinding light.

The TG-624 comes equipped with a wiring harness (shown below), switch and relay.

Please see below, within the "Extra and Absolutely Necessary" section, to view the wiring harness required to hook this bad boy up.
TG-624 WH  Our Wiring Harness ONLY  { $15 }
Here's the fat fistful of wiring harness you'll need to properly install the TG-624 Cube as well as our TG-1015, our 15" Light Bar. No worries, though; the wiring harness is included with the TG-624 Cube and/or TG-1015 Light Bar package. If you happened to purchase a non-TG2 LED Cube or Light Bar that did not come with a wiring harness, we've got you covered. 

(Although it appears tangled and unruly, it's not as scary as it looks.)
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TG-1005  The ENORMOUS 10x5 LED Light Bar  { $168 }

Our Big Bertha is made up of five 10-watt LED lights.

This 8" light bar mounts from the back using two 8mm screws. This super-sized bar light utilizes our proprietary driver and provides lighting at 4,200 lumens. (Yaozuh!)

Its bright lighting capabilities and its flexible mounting options will have you wearing sunglasses to rock crawl at night. We recommend this light for all of your intense lighting needs!

TG-1015  15" Light Bar with Eight (count 'um) 10-watt Cree LED's  { $200 }
Our newest ~ and possibly biggest ~ LED light bar's called the TG-1015.

Eight, 10-watt LED's promise to shine a whole lotta light where ever you (but not your neighbors) might want that high-intensity illuminating oomph!
(This light bar's made up of four flood lenses and four spot lenses ~ roughly 8,000 lumens; more than you'll know what to do with!)

Designed with a flexible mounting system, the light bar's sliding mounts allow you to position your tabs 2" to 14" apart ~ you get to decide.

This whole kit and kaboodle includes the light bar, a wiring harness (shown below), switch and relay. We also offer a fairlead mount, sold separately.

Extra and Absolutely Necessary Special LED's...
and Then Some
TG-305 ENG  3x5 LED Light Bar, Laser-Engraved  { email us for pricing }
Got a special event coming up? Let us know (about two weeks in advance)
and we can laser-engrave your LED light bar.
We'll happily engrave your group's logo on the light; in fact, several organizations we've worked with auctioned off this promotional piece to earn well-needed funds to support their varied endeavors.

Believe you me, they flew off the floor like golden pancakes!

TG-101 OUTLET BAR  { $75 }

10-watt, Outlet-Powered LED with Bar Mount  or with Angle Mount

As with our surface-mounted 10-watt LED (the TG-101), this powerful light
also provides lighting at 800 lumens
but mounts magnetically, thanks to our roll bar mount that ships with this unit. Power is sourced through a two-foot coiled cord that when stretched, lengthens to eight incredible feet!
The beauty of this small LED is that its, of course, small (about the diameter of a 50-cent piece), but you're also able to stick it anywhere you'd like. Plugged into the interior lighter outlet, it'll stretch to just about anywhere you need it -- inside, outside, over or under.

We recommend this light as the ultimate bright light for setting up camp, working under the hood or fixing that broken trackbar. It'll light up anything, then fit comfortably, quietly, back inside your gin box.
To order our outlet powered LED with ROLL BAR mount, click on the "Add to Cart" button below.
The second 10-watt LED option (not shown) is identical to the bright light shown above and mounts magnetically, too, except that it relies on an angle mount that ships with this unit.

It also comes complete with a stretchy coiled cord of its very own.
To order our outlet powered LED with ANGLE mount, click on the "Add to Cart" button below.
TG-101 3BL  Third Brake Light with ALL the Extras!  { $120}
So... you want to relocate your license plate, eh? Well, Two Guys has a solution that's all that AND a slice of cheese!

Our new third brake light illuminates your license plate but acts as a third tail light (when your headlights are on) as well as a third brake light (when your brake pedal is depressed).

And that's not all. ("What?" you say. "There's more?") This amazing LED also turns itself into a 10-watt, 1,000 lumen back-up light whenever you put your rig in reverse.

And to think: this third brake light, a solid license plate mount (shown on the 'Mounts' page) AND that slice of cheese all for $120 retail!
Take a peek at our Third Brake Light in full command of the Great Outdoors...
Returns, Replacements, Exchanges and Warranties...
Two Guys Trail Gear guarantees all of our LED's for a lifetime of service but, if for any reason you're not completely satisfied with your product, give us a call. We'll happily accept returns, provide exchanges or replacements as long as the LED or accessory is still in good working order.

Please note: Returns, replacements and exchanges will not be made if the LED or accessory has been road-wrecked, trail-rashed, steam-boiled or teased beyond belief. (Well... maybe we'll take 'em back. All depends on how we feel.)

Give it a shot. Give us a call.