{ Special delivery of your very own Installation Guide }

"That nice delivery guy just dropped off my LED's...
now what?!"

We hope this Installation Guide helps you out as you decide what to do with your Rock Lights once the UPS man drops them off on your doorstep.

The Guide should explain the selection, wiring and proper placement of your brand-new LED's and mounts (please know, though, its still a work-in-progress).

On a more personal note:

May all your off-cambered night time adventures be as bright as they can be! (If they're not, then you used the wrong lights!)


Clarke "The Spark" Schiller and John "The Juan " Gillio

The Two Guys' new H4 LED headlight conversion kit will shorten that dead band, super dark area directly in front of your bumper.

(New product coming soon with retail pricing of $199.)

Simply switch out your yellowish H4 halogen bulbs with our afternoon sun-bright LED H4 bulbs. Our faithful “Test Monkeys” are currently bouncing them off rocks, tipping them off-camber and generally abusing them all for good measure.

Once the Monkeys say “they're good to go,” start looking for those LED headlight conversion kits from Two Guys!

Creative Side Rig Lighting
One of the most difficult areas
to light for night crawling is the side of your rig; sadly, the front and rear tires cast enormous shadows. Two Guys have several solutions for avoiding rocks that go “bump in the night”!

Our 3-watt solution uses two TG-302 Studs and one TG-305 Light Bar.

With this option, the TG-305 is mounted in the center of the frame rail. The first TG-302 Stud is mounted on the frame rail in front of rear tire and is aimed at the front tire. The second TG-302 Stud is mounted on the frame rail behind the front tire and is aimed at the rear tire.

Magnetic, bolt-on or weld-on mounts are available to obtain the perfect placement of your LED lights.
Much like the 3-watt option mentioned above, our 10-watt solution uses three TG-101 surface-mounted LED's.

Again, with this option, the first TG-101 is mounted in the center of the frame rail.

The second TG-101 is mounted on the frame rail in front of rear tire and is aimed at the front tire.

The third TG-101 is mounted on the frame rail behind the front tire and is aimed at the rear tire.

Like the 3-watt option above, magnetic, bolt-on or weld-on mounts are available, too.
What about Rear Rig Lighting?

The rear of your rig is one of the most popular places our customers have utilized Two Guys' LED lights and mounts.

Although some clients control the rear lights with a separate switch, because of the very low amp draw of all the Two Guys LED lights, many of our customers tie the rear lights directly into the factory wiring harness.

This way, the rear LED lights come on every time you put your rig in reverse.

The Guys have seen their lights used in the rear of all types of vehicles ~ from old broken down whoopties to the most expensive elevendy billion dollar custom-built rigs out there!

And as we all know, everyone needs good lighting in the ass end, right?

For all of you with special GenRight bumpers (shhhh...)
If you already have a GenRight bumper on you rig, the TG-101 Stud was designed specifically to fit into the two or four stock holes in that bumper.

The TG-101 Stud is a 10-watt LED that mounts in a 1" to 1 ¼” hole and produces 1,000 lumens of whopping afternoon sunlight.

Zack of Arabia’s Overkill Jeep Fabrication used four TG-302 RED Studs that mount within 5/8” holes, and one TG-101 Stud that mounts into a 1" to 1 ¼” hole for his completion corners.

This awesome design gives Zack super bright tail and brake lights; when he throws it in reverse… you'll need your sunglasses if you're behind him!

Imaginative reverse LED rock light installation

Troy from JK-Adventure came up with a nifty way to set up his reverse LED rock light.

Troy mounted his Two Guys' TG-305

(our 800 lumen “Mean Mama”) to his rear trackbar.

He then mounted this super bright LED to the trackbar with Two Guys' TG-305 BAR, our magnetic mount!

It adheres amazingly well with three rare earth magnets, providing a powerful 66 pounds of sticking power. A warm afternoon, 42 bucks for the LED and 25 bucks for the mount, Troy now has one of the most unique rear LED rock lights ever seen in the boonies!

There's more than ONE way to light up your rig!

John, our partner and one of we Guys, uses both methods of controlling his rear LED lights.

The rear sides of his rig are illumined by TG-101's, 10-watt surface-mounted LED's, attached using a TG-101 ANG magnetic angle mount and controlled by a toggle switch.

To light directly behind his rig, John uses Two Guys' TG-305 "mini-bar", our 3x5 light bar, mounted within the center of his spare tire.