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John Gillio and Clarke Schiller, ready for anything

John and Clarke became friends, innocently enough, while moto- messing on their (previously insignificant but now colossal) jeeps.

They started talking over greezy garage tools; now there's no way to squeeze a word in edgewise.

Yep. They yack.

But it's all about good stuff: Bead locks, big tires, torque (whatever THAT is...). You know, all things four-wheeled.

But just yacking about wheeling wasn't enough. Jaw jacking quickly led them to another grand idea: How about a shop that caters to the always-willing and often-filthy off-road community? But not just to jeepers. How about selling to dirt bike enthusiasts and side-by-side riders? What about motor-homers, campers, boaters, tenters, horse trailers and hikers, too?

At some point in the not-too-distant past, one of 
'em thought it'd be a good idea to sell stuff, say like, bright lights or something. They partnered up and created Two Guys Trail GearThe rest is brightly-lit history. 

They're now happily selling their well-chosen variety of off-road LED's at
a handful of mountain trail events and through a select few off-road online distributors. Oh yeah... and through this website, too!

They sure hope that after thumbing through this website, you find some-thing you simply can't live without. They're here to brighten your day...
and the firebreak trail ahead, too.

Stop by. Step in. Buy something, for cryin' out loud. We know you'll love it!

~ Laura
   Office Manager and White-Knuckled Passenger
Why not stop by...?
Click on the image for a massive view of some tiny LED's.
Hey, after you've finished tip-toeing up Fordyce's Winch Hill (any one of the five) or maneuvering the tiny, VW-sized boulders of the Rubicon Trail's Little Sluice (or Big Sluice, for that matter), why not stop by the Two Guys' campsite to say hello. Or hit the "Contact Us" page and send them some mudlove.

I'm sure they'd definitely enjoy hearing from you!
The Marlboro Man, in his awesome open range jeep
...and with a gorgeous example of TG2's 3x5 LED Light Bar installed.
One of TG2's 10x5's mounted under a fairlead
Image courtesy of Erick Sarceno
Two Guys Trail Gear found that installing the 10-watt by 5 LED Light Bar (the TG-1005) is an excellent way to illuminate your way out of a frustrating, and quite possibly, painful situation.

Also, by being well-lit, everyone around you can clearly see at whom to point and laugh.