Our ever-growing supply of outdoor stuff is ever-growing!

We, the two guys from Two Guys Trail Gear, would love to provide you, the discerning,off-cambered outdoor enthusiast with unique, hard-to-find outdoor LED off-road lights. Each day we seek out, study, modify, and provide extremely useful ~ but also hard to obtain ~ LED lights for the Great Outside, to be used within, upon or near your two-wheeled, four-wheeled, rolling, floating or flying contraption.

So... how may we help you?

Looking for that unique, one-of-a-kind gift for your paperboy? Check out our intense LED lights mentioned above. Think your Jeep Betty might look stunning in that TG-Squared Tee? Then buy her one. Heck, buy her two; they're small! Want to buy something nice for your parole officer. Uh, you might be outta luck here. (Sorry.)
Regardless of what your gift-giving (or gift-getting) goals might be, feel free to step inside and have a look.

Take your time. Poke around.

You might, just might find something that tickles your fancy. We truly hope you'll stumble across that perfect off-road bright-light gizmo we know you simply can't live without.

You don't even need to remove your muddy boots.  We understand.

John Gillio & Clarke Schiller, The Two Guys